Graduate Personal Property Appraiser 

Graduate Personal Property Appraiser

Those that have successfully completed the GPPA program have learned the responsibilities of the appraiser and have a good knowledge of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines. GPPA designated auctioneers and appraisers know not only how to conduct a complete and appropriate appraisal, but also know the various factors that affect the value of appraised items.

The GPPA class examines the responsibilities of the appraiser and discusses the factors affecting the value of appraised items. Experts and classmates will discuss industry trends, the function of the appraiser, identification, valuation and methodology of appraisals, as well as the responsibility the appraiser has to the client. 

The GPPA course also provides basic information about appraisal work including teaching you how to search for comps, what to look for as far as condition, identifying marks and other conditions.

You will learn about personal property, antiques, machinery, equipment, farm, and construction equipment. The instructors will provide examples as well as materials to help you start your appraisal business. You will also learn about the GPPA appraisal template and practice preparing an appraisal report using the template.

You will be able to customize a standardized appraisal format, market your appraisal services, enhance your research skills and improve your appraisals. An examination is given at the end of this course.

Pearce & Associates has GPPA Appraisers on staff and can assist you with appraisals for Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Divorce, Partnerships and Insurance.